Balbotkina E

Balbotkina E


Eugenia V.

ResearcherID:  T-6915-2017
Research Gate:  Evgeniya_Balbotkina
Scopus ID:  56406423500
eLibrary ID:  890309

Research interests: study of the role of intestinal regulatory peptides in the mechanisms of water and ion excretion by the kidneys. A disturbance of the water excretory function of the kidneys in children with some forms of pathology of the gastrointestinal tract was revealed. Derivatives of proglucagon, GLP-1 and GLP-2, have been shown to be involved in the regulation of sodium balance. With an excessive intake of NaCl through the gastrointestinal tract, both the change in the secretion of these regulatory peptides and their effects on sodium excretion by the kidneys are oppositely directed. GLP-1 has a natriuretic effect, while GLP-2 has an antidiuretic and antinatriuretic effects. Research skills: physiological experiments on animals, patient examination, flame photometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, osmometry, biochemical analysis, colorimetry, anamnestic method; statistical analysis and evaluation of the data obtained.


Kutina A, Makashov A, Balbotkina E, Karavashkina T, Natochin Yu / Subtypes of neurohypophyseal nonapeptide receptors and their functions in rat kidneys. / Acta Naturae 2020 12(1) : 73-83