Shmurak V

Shmurak V


Vladimir I


ResearcherID:  AAD-3453-2022
Research Gate:  Vladimir-Shmurak
Scopus ID:  56480811800
eLibrary ID:  794787

Study of interaction mechanism of various compounds with albumin using biochemical and physico-chemical methods of analysis. Study of the enzymatic properties and characteristics of albumin.


Goncharov N, Belinskaia D, Shmurak V, Korf E, Jenkins R, Avdonin P / Experimental modeling for delayed effects of organophosphates / Handbook of the Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents 2020 3rd ed. : 843-851
Goncharov N, Belinskaia D, Shmurak V, Terpilowski M, Jenkins R, Avdonin P / Serum albumin binding and esterase activity: mechanistic interactions with organophosphates / Molecules 2017 22(7) : E 1201