Shemarova I

Shemarova I


Irina V.


ResearcherID:  AAM-7376-2020
Research Gate:  Irina_Shemarova
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For many years, I. V. Shemarova studied the mechanisms of intracellular signaling; she developed biological models for studying the toxic and inhibitory effects of biologically active substances and xenobiotics; studied the influence of Ca2+ and some metals on the proliferation of model organisms. Together with colleagues (S. M.Korotkov, K. V.Sobol, V. P. Nesterov), Shemarova I. V. investigated the mechanisms of action of a number of poorly studied metals on the myocardium. It was found that differences in the effect of the metals on myocardial contraction are due to their competitive influence on voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and selective action on the inner membrane of mitochondria (Cd2+ > Ni2+> La3+ > Y3+> Pr3+>Nd3+). The obtained data are important for understanding the influence of the studied metals on the human cardiovascular system.


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