Belan D

Belan D


Darja V.


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Daria Belan graduated with honors from the undergraduate and graduate programs of the St. Petersburg State University Faculty of Biology. She successfully uses in her investigations multiple motor tests, the technique of cannulas implanting in various areas of the rat brain, and the procedures for tissue preparation for histological and biochemical studies. Daria carries out the Western blot and immunohistochemical analysis, fluorescence, light and confocal microscopy. The research interests of Daria Belan include modeling various stages of Parkinson’s disease in rats and the search for neuroprotective treatment approaches for this disease based on heat shock proteins of the Hsp70 family and their inducers.


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Ekimova I, Gazizova A, Karpenko M, Belan D / Signs of anhedonia and destructive changes in the ventral tegmental area of the midbrain in the model of the preclinical Parkinson's disease stage in experiment / Z. nevrologii i psikhiatrii im. S.S. Korsakova 2018 118(9) : 61-67