Akhi A

Akhi A


Andrei  V.

ResearcherID:  K-6341-2018
Research Gate:  Andrei-Akhi
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The primary reresearch goal was to study formation of marine mammals bioacoustic communication and orientation systems during the evolution process. The researcher studys acoustic physiological patterns in functioning of dolphins communication and echolocation systems. The systems were formed as a result of the animals transition from terresrial to a secondary water lifestile. The researcher also provides technical support for experiments, records and process acoustic signals and their subsequent analisis.
Recent papers focus on study of:
1) dolphins ability to perceive low frequency noises and the role of spectral analysis in their.
2) dolphins ability to detect and classify objects in places that are chalenging for location search.
We experimentally demonstrate high adaptability of dolphin`s echolocation system and ability to purposefully change operating modes of both its active and passive parts.


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Zaitseva K, Korolev V, Akhi A, Butyrskiy E / Perception of Noises with Temporally Unstable Frequency Modulation of Tonal Components by the Dolphin Tursiops Truncatus / Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology 2017 53(3) : 241-244
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