Vdovichenko N

Vdovichenko N


Natalia D.

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Research Interests: Neurobiology, neurophysiology, electrophysiology, neuropharmacology, cardiology
Study of activity parameters, age-related changes in activity, interactions of the cardiac, respiratory and motor systems in the late stages of rat prenatal development. Study of the effect of changes in the level of activity of catecholaminergic and cholinergic systems on the functioning and interaction of rhythmic systems in fetuses and female rats.
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A unique system of complex electrophysiological studies was created with the simultaneous registration of several physiological parameters, both in the mother and in 16-20-day-old rat fetuses with preserved placental circulation.
Mathematical data processing based on the algorithms created in our laboratory, analysis of heart rate variability, correlation analysis.
Breeding animals (rats) with a precisely defined gestational age.

Monographs and chapters

Kuznetsov S, Vdovichenko N, Dmitrieva L, Kuznetsova N, Sizonov V, Terpilowski M, Timofeeva O / Ontogenetic Development of Neural and Muscular Rhythmic Activity and Its Regulation in Mammals during Perinatal Period // Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry - Advances and Perspectives / London / Intech / 2018 / P. 91-104
ISBN: 978-953-51-3858-7


Vdovichenko N, Timofeeva O / Changes in Cardiac, Respiratory and Motor Activity of Rat Fetuses Evoked by Injections of a Cholinesterase Inhibitor Physostigmine / Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology 2019 55(4) : 329-332
Timofeeva O, Vdovichenko N / Effect of Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptor Blockade on Heart Activity in Rat Fetuses / Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 2019 167(1) : 436–442
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