Trifonov M

Trifonov M


Mikhail I.


ResearcherID:  A-8000-2017
Research Gate:  Mikhail_Trifonov
Scopus ID:  24781317500
eLibrary ID:  74600

Area of special scientific interest: search of integral spatio-temporal EEG parameters as markers of human adaptation to effect of cognitive loads and physical environmental factors, analysis of intra-individual variability spatio-temporal characteristics of multichannel EEG, inter-individual variability of spatio-temporal EEG organization at rest and various loads, estimating the statistical relationship between psychometric and EEG parameters, spectral and correlation EEG analysis, development of algorithms for analysis, processing and enhancement of signals and images of different nature, detection and recognition of objects (including visual) on noise background, analysis of macro eye movements amplitude analysis in human tracking the discretely moving stimulus on the monitor screen, for diagnosis of motor problems.

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