Soroko S

Soroko S


Svyatoslav I.


ResearcherID:  K-4237-2013
Research Gate:  Svyatoslav_Soroko
Scopus ID:  7004092562

Main interests: comparative ecological and physiological studies of physiological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of individual sensitivity and resistance of human and animal to natural, technogenic and social factors of the environment. Studies of common and individual characteristics of the main human physiological systems response to sudden changes of heliophysical and meteorological factors in medium and high latitudes. Complex medical and physiological monitoring of physical and mental development, studies of genotypic and phenotypic features of adaptation of children and adolescents of indigenous and newly-arrived population of circumpolar and arctic regions of the Russian Federation. Development of methods of early diagnosis of disorders in age development of children and adolescents, methods of functional correction of mental dysadaptation using adaptive neurofeedback methods. Development of methods of assessment, control and correction of a person’s functional state in the process of adaptation to extreme conditions.

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