Skverchiskaya E

Skverchiskaya E


Elisaveta A.


ResearcherID:  J-8514-2018
Research Gate:  Elisaveta-Skverchinskaya
Scopus ID:  8988716300
eLibrary ID:  95910

Specialty – biologist-physiologist; clinical laboratory scientist
Area of interest – Study of the functional activity of red blood cells under extreme situations, the effects of drugs and xenobiotics.
1. Immunoferment analysis,
2. Modeling of oxidative stress and hypoxia, in vitro
3. Flow cytometry (membrane transformation; cell viability; reactive oxygen species)
4. Microfluidic analysis of erythrocytes and sorting circulation tumor cells
Grants – Development of microfluidic devices for analysis and sorting of cells according to their mechanical properties. 2020-2021
Hobby – decorative gardening

Additional education and skills
1. fish breeder qualification (hormonal stimulation of reproduction and quality control of gonads)
2. Doctor’s diploma and certificates (laboratory physician)


Barvitenko N, Lawen A, Aslam M, Pantaleo A, Saldanha C, Skverchiskaya E, Regolini M, Tuszynski J / Integration of intracellular signaling: biological analogues of wires? Processors and memories organized by a centrosome 3D reference system / Biosystems 2018 173 : 191-206
Andreeva A, Soldatov A, Skverchiskaya E, Gambaryan S, Mindukshev I / Hypoxia inhibits the regulatory volume decrease in red blood cells of common frog (Rana temporaria) / Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 2018 219-220 : 44-47