Ivanov K

Ivanov K


Kiril B.

ResearcherID:  AAN-6056-2020
Research Gate:  Kirill_Ivanov7
eLibrary ID:  112857
E-Mail:  kbivanov@mail.ru

For the reporting period, from August 2018, I worked as major laboratory assistant, from October 2019 – junior researcher. Using the method of arterial piezopulsometry, I made statistical and spectral analyzes of variable parameters of pulse waves of blood pressure (in particular, VmaxPP and TNN) and the nature of their autonomous regulation. It is shown that in ontogenesis an endogenous functional mechanism is formed to protect the muscular effectors of the cardiovascular system (CVS) from the negative effects of excessive activity of the sympathetic neuromediator norepinephrine by partially replacing it with humoral catecholamines. This increases the metabolic resistance of CVS to conditions of age-related increase in oxygen deficiency, reduces the likelihood of tachyarrhythmias, angina pectoris and other pathological conditions of the heart when exposed to psychoemotional and physical stressors.


Nesterov V, Burdygin A, Nesterov S, Ivanov K, Korotkov S, Sobol K, Shemarova I / Pecularities of Cardiohemodynamics and its Autonomic Regulation in Elderly People / J Evol Biochem Phys 2019 55(6) : 483-492