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Belyaeva E


Elena A.


ResearcherID:  AAM-6655-2020
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The field of scientific interests of Belyaeva E.A. includes research of molecular mechanisms of functioning, regulation and bioenergetics of ion transport via membranes and cellular layers of different types, role of ion-transporting systems in normal and pathological conditions as well an influence of various environmental factors on these processes. At present Belyaeva E.A. investigates role(s) and peculiarities of functioning of respiratory chain and ion channels of inner mitochondrial membrane (Ca2+-dependent nonselective pore, ATP-sensitive potassium channel, and Ca2+-activated large-conductance potassium channel) in the process of induction of cell death and pathological conditions of different types. An accent is made on an elucidation of role of mitochondria in mechanism(s) of cytotoxic action of such heavy metal ions as Cd2+, Hg2+, and Cu2+ and comparison of their effects with action of other metals/metalloids (Ca2+, Zn2+, Na2SeO3).

Monographs and chapters

Belyaeva E / Toxic Effects of Zn2+ and Selenite on Rat Ascites Hepatoma AS-30D Cells and Isolated Liver Mitochondria: Molecular Mechanism(s) of the Metal/Metalloid Action // In book: Top 10 Contributions on Biochemistry: 2nd Edition / Berlin / Avid Science / 2019 / 2-36


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Belyaeva E / Respiratory complex II in mitochondrial dysfunction-mediated cytotoxicity: Insight from cadmium / Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 2018 50 : 80-92
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Belyaeva E / The effect of modulators of large-conductance Ca2+-modulated K+ channels on rat AS-30D ascites hepatoma cells and isolated liver mitochondria treated with Cd2+ / J Evol Biochem Phys 2015 51(4) : 259-270