Sudnitsyna J

Sudnitsyna J


Julia S


ResearcherID:  D-5841-2016
Research Gate:  Julia_Sudnitsyna
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Julia Sudnitsyna has been working in Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry RAS since 2013. She earned her PhD (Physiology) in late 2018. Her scientific work is aimed to better understanding of red blood cell’ (RBCs) functional state in health and disease, RBCs’ role in ammonium homeostasis, and ammonium/ammonia transport mechanisms in RBCs. Julia participated in a number of RFBR grants (contests: A, KOMFI), since 2019 she’s been supported by RFBR as a grant leader (Perspective). In her researches Julia employs laser diffraction, flow cytometry, spectrometry and confocal microscopy methods.


Rukoyatkina N, Shpakova V, Sudnitsyna J, Panteleev M, Makhoul S, Gambaryan S, Jurk K / Curcumin at Low Doses Potentiates and at High Doses Inhibits ABT-737-Induced Platelet Apoptosis / Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021 22(10) : 5405