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Optogenetics+ 2020

Optogenetics+ 2020

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Department of Physiological Sciences RAS
I.P. Pavlov Physiological Society
Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IEPhB RAS)
Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of RAS (IHNA&NPh RAS)
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Due to quarantine the conference will be held in WEB format. We apologize for the changes.

Dear colleagues! We announce an information letter about new positions at the conference and payment methods. 

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Dear colleagues! The Russian Conference with international participation “Optogenetics+ 2020 “ will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, on April 22-26, 2020

Conference dataApril 22 – the beginning of the registration (IEPhB RAS); April 23-24  – scientific sections (Congress Hall LENPOLIGRAPHMASH, Saint-Petersburg, Medikov prospect, 3(5)); April 25 – School (IEPhB RAS); April 26– Social events and departure.

 The conference Program will feature problems of optogenetics and optopharmacology, optosensors and chemogenetics, thermogenetics, targeted delivery of proteins, problems of prosthetics of sensory systems, toxicity and stability of optogenetic tools, interpretation of results and other issues. 


Simultaneously with the Conference, on April 25 2020, the School on Advanced Methods of Non-invasive Control of Neuronal Activity will take place, where it is planned to read a series of lectures for young researchers on the current state of optobiological methods, to discuss at round tables and special sessions the unsolved research issues, the participation of young scientists in the ongoing work. Leading specialists from Russian scientific institutions and from abroad – P.D. Bregestovski (KSMU, Russia, INSERM, France), P.M. Balaban (IHNA&NPh, Russia), A.Y. Malyshev (IHNA&NPh, Russia), M.A. Ostrovsky (Moscow State University, Russia), N.N. Dygalo (Novosibirsk), R. Gainetdinov (St. Petersburg) and others will be invited to give lectures and hold roundtables.

A satellite symposium «Biological objects imaging» is planned to be held in the framework of the conference and the school, which will be formed on the basis on applications. The co-chairmen of the symposium are Dr. Sergey Antonov and Dr. Irina Romanova (IEPhB RAS, St. Petersburg).

During the satellite symposium, it is planned to consider the principles of using confocal microscopy for the analysis of biological objects, to discuss methodological issues of analyzing a fluorescent image in real time, quantifying the fluorescence image of tissue culture and fixed tissue.