Voronina P

Voronina P


Polina A

ResearcherID:  AAD-3121-2022
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The field of my research is the study of the binding and enzymatic properties of albumin, as well as the modulating effect on these properties of endogenous and exogenous ligands in vitro and in vivo.

Used methods of analysis: spectrophotometry, NMR spectroscopy, fluorimetry.

Also development of new or improvement of existing algorithms for determining the activity of enzymes included in the concept of “esterase status” is part of my scientific interests. Determination of the specific activity of esterases in relation to the most physiologically important substrates, determination of the factors that cause changes in the esterase profile and / or activity of its constituent enzymes, in determining the correlations between the components of the esterase profile and other biochemical blood parameters.

Analysis methods: spectrophotometry.
Determination of various biochemical parameters in blood plasma and erythrocytes of rats and humans, mainly by spectrophotometry.

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