Vishnevskaya O

Vishnevskaya O


Olga N


ResearcherID:  D-1638-2014
Research Gate:  Olga-Vishnevskaya
Scopus ID:  57189701323
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Researcher with 10 years of experience in physiology and cell biology.
Graduate of the Department of General Physiology, St. Petersburg State University. Repeatedly participated in internships at the Institute of Veterinary Physiology at the Free University of Berlin under the curatorship of prof. Jörg Aschenbach. Candidate of Biological Sciences (2018), subject of candidate’s dissertation: “Permeability of the small rat intestine under the influence of cholera toxin and lipopolysaccharide”.
Multiple winner of various research competitions at St. Petersburg State University, the executor of several RFBR grants. Key professional skills include: tissue sectioning, immunofluorescence, staining, electrophysiology (Ussing chamber), western blotting, cell culture (Сасо-2, MDCKI, IPEC-J2), electron microscopy.

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