Seliviorstova V

Seliviorstova V


Elena V.


ResearcherID:  AAN-4894-2020
Research Gate:  Elena Seliverstova
Scopus ID:  16403201600
eLibrary ID:  3101-7482

Research interests: physiology of visceral systems, comparative morphophysiological studies of macromolecules reabsorption in the kidney of lower tetrapods. Molecular mechanisms of endocytosis in proximal tubule epithelium of the amphibian kidney were investigated by using immunohisto- and immunocytochemistry, as well as confocal and electron microscopy. The involvement of endocytosis receptors in the uptake and intracellular transport of proteins in the kidney of anuran and urodelian amphibians was shown. Reabsorption patterns of proteins with different molecular characteristics in the kidneys of frogs have been established. Adaptive structure-functional changes of proximal tubules cells in the development of pathological processes and the influence of adverse environmental factors were revealed.


Seliviorstova V, Romanova I, Prutskova N / Molecular determinants of protein reabsorption in the amphibian kidneys / Acta Histochemica 2021 Sep;123(6) : 151760
Seliviorstova V, Prutskova N / Receptor-mediated endocytosis of lysozyme in renal proximal tubules of the frog Rana temporaria / Eur. J. Histochem. 2015 Apr 13;59(2) : 79-86