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Savostyanov G


Gennady A


ResearcherID:  K-5446-2018
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Theoretical and experimental study of the formation of elementary units of multicellularity – histions. Investigation of parameters for quantitative measurement of the progressive and deviant development of histions. Building of their natural system in the form of a periodic table. Stem cell modeling. The study of spatial organization of cell layers, the computer simulation of topology and geometry of cell sheets, as well as the prediction of tissue development. Elaboration of the structural foundations of developmental biology and computational three-dimensional histology. Creating a new approach to study of carcinogenesis. Tumor morphogenesis modeling. Using methods of mathematical modeling of the development of histions and tissue structure. Using of various types of microscopy (light, confocal, as well as transmission and scanning electron microscopy).

Ongoing studies can form the theoretical and experimental basis of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and a new approach to study of malignant growth. These questions can be found in more detail at


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