Oleynik E

Oleynik E


Ekaterina A.

OrcID:  000-0001-8760-3442
ResearcherID:  AAN-1213-2020
Research Gate:  Ekaterina_Oleinik
Scopus ID:  57201216248
eLibrary ID:  993440

Currently I’m a PhD student of Sechenov Institute of evolution physiology and biochemistry of the RAS. I’m a junior researcher in the laboratory of comparative biochemistry of cell’s functions since November 2019. The laboratory studies molecular phenomena that underlie the functioning of various types of cells in normal and pathological conditions. Under Margarita Glazova guidance, I am conducting research on the theme “The Role of the Functional Interaction between c-Abl, p53 and ERK1 / 2 Proteins in the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases”. As a model for studying neurodegenerative disease we’ve chosen the PC12 cells. Our plan is to treat PC12 cells with various selective inhibitors and activators in order to reveal the point effect and side effects on our proteins. In addition, using different combinations of inhibitors and activators we will be able to perform precise determination of the functional interactions between p53, c-Abl and members of the ERK1/2 cascade. In its turn, this will enable a more accurate determination of the target action that is capable of inhibiting neurodegeneration. We hope that our data will bring us closer to creating a complex drug for the maintenance or restoration of impaired neuronal functions. In our study, we’re planning to use the following methods: Western blot analysis, PCR, immunohistochemistry, etc.


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