Nikonorova P

Nikonorova P


Polina A.

ResearcherID:  AAN-4035-2020
Research Gate:  Polina_Gaidukova
eLibrary ID:  1070539

Member of experimental studies on the parameters of the rhythmic activity of the cardiovascular, respiratory and motor systems in the late stages of rat prenatal development.
Practical skills:
1. Independent work on the preparation and conduct of the experiment:
• making of electrodes for recording electrophysiological parameters;
• getting a female with a precisely dated gestational age;
• female anesthesia and epidural anesthesia;
• surgical intervention to extract fetuses from the uterus with preserved placental circulation;
• registration of physiological parameters in fetuses (ECG, fetal respiratory movements and EMG of the neck muscles) and females (ECG, respiration);
• registration of physiological parameters in newborn rat pups (ECG, external respiration, EMG).
2. Statistical processing of the obtained experimental data.
3. Construction of periodograms of heart rhythm and respiration, calculation of indicators of heart rate variability, integral indicators of motor activity, correlation analysis of physiological parameters in PowerGraph and Origin programs.
4. Search and analysis of scientific literature using the EndNote bibliographic information management system (Clarivate Analytics).

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