Nikolaeva D

Nikolaeva D


Daria A


ResearcherID:  K-2764-2018
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Central to my research is the photoreception in vertebrates. Using a microspectrophotometer that allows us to study the absorption spectra of single photoreceptors, we have conducted a comparative study of the reaction of the visual cycle in intact retinal rods of amphibians and mammals under conditions close to in vivo. The suction micropipette technique used in electrophysiological studies allows us to record the responses of single photoreceptors when they are affected by light stimuli. One of the directions of such research is to study the mechanisms of activation, deactivation and adaptation of the phototransduction cascade to different lighting conditions. In addition, the patch-clamp technique for recording the electrical activity of retinal bipolar cells has been mastered for further using it in a research on optogenetic retinal prosthetics.

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