Natochin Yu

Natochin Yu


Yuri V

Dr of Bio Sci, Prof., Academician of the RAS

ResearcherID:  K-8216-2013
Research Gate:  Yuri-Natochin
Scopus ID:  35557160500
eLibrary ID:  763

Research interests: Physiology of the kidneys and water-salt balance, evolutionary physiology

  • In collaboration with physiologists from the USA, Germany, and others, a standard nomenclature of kidney structures was developed.
  • The principles of the evolution of functions and functional evolution of the kidney are formulated.
    A hypothesis of the origin of life and cells is proposed.
  • The mechanisms of changes in water-salt balance in space flight are established and methods for the rehabilitation of astronauts are proposed.
  • New clearance formulas are developed and their application in the clinic and experiment is shown.
    A new type of natriuretic has been proposed and patented.
  • The mechanisms of osmoregulation in sturgeon fish and regulation of cell volume in insects are revealed.
    The mechanism of cascade regulation of water-salt homeostasis is established.
  • The chapters on kidney physiology have been written in physiology textbooks with a separate description of the functions of the kidneys and urinary processes.


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