Korolev V

Korolev V


Valentin I.

PhD., Assistant Professor

ResearcherID:  K-3420-2018
Research Gate:  Valentin_Korolev
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E-Mail:  korolev@Iephb.ru

The primary research goal was to study formation of marine mammals’
bioacoustic communication and orientation systems during the evolution process. The researcher studies acoustic physiological patterns in functioning of dolphin`s communication and echolocation systems. The systems were formed as a result of the animal`s transition from terrestrial to a secondary water lifestyle, The researcher also develops experimental procedures and organizes their conducting with subsequent result analysis.
Recent papers focus on study of:
1) dolphin`s ability to perceive low frequency noises and the role of
spectral analysis in them;
2) dolphin`s ability to detect and classify objects in places that are
challenging for location search.
The experiments demonstrate high adaptivity of dolphin`s echolocation
system and ability to purposefully change operating modes of both
active and passive parts.


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