Kazansky A

Kazansky A


Alexander B.


ResearcherID:  E-7037-2016
Research Gate:  Alexander-Kazansky
Scopus ID:  7005592490
eLibrary ID:  64497
E-Mail:  kazansky@bk.ru

Development of a conceptual systemic-processual model of the biosphere (biosphere as a “sympoiesis”).
Critical analysis of autopoiesis as a basic model of life and suggestions for its improvement taking into account evolutionary processes.
Development of a detailed approach to modeling the dynamics of fish populations and communities in big reservoirs taking into account the energy of nutrition and the influence of environmental factors. Creation of specific ecological and fishery models: Fish communities of the Tsimlyansk reservoir, models of fish populations of the Volga and Don rivers, ecosystem of the lake fish nursery.
Development of an evolutionary approach to modeling fish populations and communities, with prediction of their adaptative reactions on fishery and other influencies. Development of new methods of evolutionary modelling.

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