Grigoryeva Y

Grigoryeva Y


Yulia S.

ResearcherID:  ABF-9136-2021
Research Gate:  Yuliya-Grigorieva
Scopus ID:  57195149231
eLibrary ID:  1130413

Scientific Techniques:

Microscopy: light and fluorescence microscopy.
Histological methods: immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence
Cells culturing, in vitro tissue slices culturing and organotypic culture; isolation, culturing and differentiation of neuronal stem cells.
Biochemical assays: Western blotting, 2D-gells.
Electrophysiological method: Mechanography of skeletal muscle, Microelectrode recording.


Dorofeeva N, Grigoryeva Y, Nikitina L, Lavrova E, Nasluzova E, Glazova M, Chernigovskaya E / Effects of ERK1/2 kinases inactivation on the nigrostriatal system of Krushinsky-Molodkina rats genetically prone to audiogenic seizures / Neurol Res. 2017 247(2) : 918-925