Dron M

Dron M


Mikhail Yu.

graduate student

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I graduated from Volgograd State Medical University with a MSc degree in Medical Biochemistry/Laboratory Medicine in June 2017. The main focus of my education at the Department of Biomedicine was on cross-disciplinary training. I obtained extensive knowledge and practical skills in the field of biophysics and medical biochemistry, and I have already applied this knowledge in my research. For instance, during studies, I explored the influence of antiepileptic/antihistaminic drugs on the function of AMPA/NMDA receptors in rat brain neurons using electrophysiological in vitro methods. Currently, I am working as a junior researcher at the Laboratory for Synaptic Processes Biophysics in Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where I conduct the characterization of the effects produced by diazepinbenzoimidazols on brain AMPA- and NMDA-type glutamate receptors. I also investigate the molecular pharmacology of this novel derivatives class for further drug development: that could suggest potential ways for developing drugs for neurotherapeutics.
The world moves on, nothing stays the same, and it has been important for me to learn Esa Korpi lab’s fascinating scientific research. Being an ion-channel physiologist, I felt nothing but admiration for neuropsychopharmacology research team that uses modern techniques for better understanding of what the fundamentals of various mind disorders are and how psychopharmacological agents act and influence the brain. I joined professor Korpi’s team to collaborate on in this research for a 9-month period. We used electrophysiological approaches I had already acquired working at my previous research projects.
In my opinion, academic mobility is always fruitful!
During my fellowship I learned how scientific task and challenges are tackled in the laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology, comparing different research approaches, getting the feel for new techniques, and building my skills up. I think that could help me to advance my research work in Laboratory for the Biophysics of Synaptic Processes.
So, I believe that my commitment to Neuroscience and Drug Discovery combined with the practice experience accumulated in the Biophysical Laboratory here have equipped me with the necessary tools and prerequisites for a successful research in the field of ionotropic glutamate receptors physiology.


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