Chiligina Yu

Chiligina Yu


Yulia A


ResearcherID:  AAN-8429-2020
Research Gate:  Yulia-Chiligina
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The main area of ​​research: the development of electrophysiological and optogenetic approaches to restore the functioning of the retina based on the expression of selective chimeric photosensitive proteins in model mammalian cells (testing on HEK 293T cell lines (Human Embryonic Kidney 293 T)). Methods: cell culture, transfection, optical and fluorescent microscopy, patch-clamp technique.

The second direction: correction of the functional state and increase in the adaptive capacity of the human body. Methods for assessing the functional state of a person: electroencephalography, electrocardiography, pulsography, dopplerography, rheography, polysomnography, critical flicker fusion frequency method, bimanual sensorimotor tests, visual field competition technique, “individual minute” technique, psychophysiological testing (Luscher tests, Spielberg-Khanin tests, Strelyau tests , Eysenck, etc.). Creation of functional state correction methods based on cold-hypoxic exposure and light exposure.

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