Chernyshev M

Chernyshev M


Mikhail V

Dr. of Philosophy

ResearcherID:  AAD-3376-2022
Research Gate:  M-Chernyshev-2
Scopus ID:  6603311031
eLibrary ID:  86859

Chernyshev Mikhail Vyacheslavovich (Ph.D., researcher) is a specialist in neuroscience, higher nervous activity in animals.

His technique area is mainly concentrated around animal models analyzing learning and memory, biological motivations, unconditioned and conditioned responses, psycho-emotional disorders.

The research interests are focused on elucidation of the role of heat shock proteins (HSP) 70kDa in mechanisms of modulation and correction of emotional behavior under natural conditions and in the animal models of neurodegeneration.

The important research contribution of M.V. Chernyshev’s study is an identification of early markers of Parkinson’s disease in order to develop a new technology of the preventive therapy.

At the present moment, M.V. Chernyshev conducts investigations related to a study of effects of chronic sleep restrictions on cognitive functions and emotional behavior.


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