Bogolepova A

Bogolepova A


Anastasia E.


ResearcherID:  AAN-2786-2020
Research Gate:  Anastasia_Bogolepova
Scopus ID:  6602240835
eLibrary ID:  95091

Research interests: study of the role of neurohypophysial hormones in the regulation of blood pressure and transport in the tubules of the nephron. It was shown that vasopressin and vasotocin cause vasoconstriction and affect the excretion of water and ions with the participation of different subtypes of V-receptors in rats. The vasopressor effect is realized through V1a receptors and is more pronounced not in vasopressin, but in vasotocin, which plays a leading role in the regulation of water-salt metabolism in non mammalian vertebrates. Research skills: non-invasive measurement of blood pressure in rats, study of active sodium transport by registering a short circuit current in the Ussing chamber, chronic and acute animal experiments, methods of physicochemical analysis of biological fluids, analysis of parameters of kidney functions.

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